Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April 2008 Mixes

We posted 25 sounds this past month. I sort of went a little crazy with mixes, producing three of them.

First is the compiled mix, which focuses on (what I felt were) the best sounds of the month:


Second, if for some god awful reason you're aching to hear every sound we put up this month AT ONCE, here it is! Brace yourself, it's cacophonous!:


Or, if you'd rather hear them all in a more mellow fashion, listen to the linear mix:


See you next month!


Manx said...

God awful my ass. The "all of them together" one sounded awesome.

And the cool beat mix has been my favorite so far. Eventually I hope you will make an LP out of them.

At first I think some of the sounds will start repeating like a usual break-beat song, but they never do. It's a refreshing change. The slices of life just keep coming and coming.


Splotchy said...

The slices of life just keep coming and coming

I think we have our album title!


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