Saturday, May 31, 2008

May 2008 Compiled

We posted 16 noises this month. So what could it sound like, put all together?

This is the Linear compile, all the sounds posted this month in chronological order to a beat. This month I twisted it: the second half is the sounds played in reverse chronological order IN REVERSE. You'll see--er, hear.


Now here is the Mix: selected sounds from this month made into something song-like. Helicopter, car, and train are key. Are you ready to rave?


Finally, here are the sounds Wall At Once. I think the aggregate noise of this past month is rather pretty, with major sevenths resonating. Ghost Train holds it all together.


I really wanted to hear Wall At Once with a lot of delay on it, so ta da.


See you next month!


Splotchy said...


Manx said...

They were all wicked, mon. Wicked.

Now you're about seven monthly mixes away from that LP.


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