Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Cats' Meows

Vocalizations by my cats...

This is Mason (left in pic), two sets of two meows, asking for food. Both times he raises the pitch on the second meow about 1/2 step. The first set is approximately D#5 and E5. The second is D5 and D#5.

This is Galileo (right), two sets of three meows. This bit of his is pretty musical and is typical of feeding time. There are slight variations in pitch going on, and purring too, but it's close to G#5, F#5, D#5 both times.


~H~ said...

I just tried playing all the audio to see what it all sounded like at the same time.
That's a lot of sound!
Just reminded me of something I heard on NPR recently

Timothy Donavan Russell said...

H - What a cool idea! Stay tuned, because we plan to do such things with our files one we get enough of them...

I heard that story too. I remember the crunchy noises the beetles were making and thinking, what a great and important sound sample that is!


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