Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Elevator Dings

We have three elevators in the six story building where I work (the elevator lobby pictured is not in my building -- our elevator lobby is festooned with dark red 1970's disco bricks).

I hit the UP button and was surprised when two elevators simultaneously stopped on my floor. The tones of the two elevators were slightly different. One appeared to be a G5, while the other seemed closer to a F#5.

I again tried taking an elevator later in the day and got the F#5 elevator.

A while ago I had actually noticed that the elevator dings were slightly different, on the rare occasions when they would simultaneously ding. By having the tones slightly off from each other, a person will know that more than one elevator is arriving at a given floor. Pretty cool, I think.

I will attempt to pin down the tone of the third elevator in the near future.

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