Thursday, March 27, 2008

TiVo Beep And Bump

Two of the well-known and cutest TiVo sounds--I call them beep and bump--recorded with the good old digital voice recorder held up to the center speaker.

Beep, played when you move up or down in a list, is D#5, while bump, played when you try to do something not allowed, happens to be G#2.


Splotchy said...

Those are some wicked cool sounds.

Manx said...

That's funny, Splotch. I usually think of my comment before I read the others and I was going to use "wicked" as well.

I guess we have a consensuses.

Bro: I especially like the picture with this one. That's Biz Art worthy!

Timothy Donavan Russell said...

Splotchy & Bro: Something TiVo this way comes...

Bro: My secret: I lit up the remote with a flashlight.


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