Monday, April 14, 2008

Yomega Yo-Yo

This Yomega brand yo-yo has ball bearings inside it that spin and make a sound when it's in "sleep" mode after a throw. From the Wikipedia entry on "yo-yo":
[I]n 1980, Michael Caffrey patented what would later become the Yomega Brain, a yo-yo with a centrifugal clutch transaxle. Designed with a free-spinning ball bearing linkage, "The Brain" could spin much longer than previous fixed-axle designs. In addition, the axle was "clutched" with spring-loaded weights which would pull away from the axle at higher speeds and grab again at lower speeds. The result is an automatic return of the yo-yo when speed drops below a given threshold.
The noise is very cool, and if there's a note it's close to a B2:


Splotchy said...

Nice sound and photo, man!

Timothy Donavan Russell said...

Yo, thanks!

Manx said...

I can't wait to hear this one in the monthly wrap beat mix. It'll go well with the elephant.


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