Sunday, March 30, 2008

Kitchen Sink Drain Gurgle

My kitchen sink drain pipe gurgles in musical ways. And it does so incessantly.

After the guy installed my new sink (pictured), he tested it by running water for a minute. After he turned off the water, the thing went into its five minutes of playing bongos. The guy had to ask, "Did it do this before?" Yep, though I don't mind.

In this recording, we find it playing a nice little tune in G minor built around strange rhythms and the notes G3 and A#3.


Splotchy said...

I don't know if these notes are telling you something important about your pipes, but I love the tune they're playin'!

Timothy Donavan Russell said...

Thanks, man. I don't know if my house was built on a beatnik burial ground and they just moved the tombstones, but the tunes keep coming. It's kind of nice.


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