Thursday, March 13, 2008

Starting The Car

This blog has me paying attention to the notes all kinds of things make. The "fasten your seat belt" dings when I start my car are E5, for instance.


escralan said...

Very interesting. You should get a podcast feed from feedburner, then folks could get these in their itunes and ipods. May I ask where you got that soundplaying widget?

Timothy Donavan Russell said...

exec - Thanks! I will look into that fancy new technology you mention. I found the soundplaying widget here.

Freida Bee said...

I love these that Austin's local public radio station puts out, and wanted to show that site to you. Identifying the notes takes it one step further. I really need a digital recorder. I was just somewhere this last 24 hours that had the most amazing assortment of wind chimes. Seriously, giant ones!

Timothy Donavan Russell said...

Freida - Thanks for the link. I do recommend getting a recorder. They're great when you're some place like that!


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